The Save MS Project  -   brings 10 bands together from N. MS to the Coast. Utilizing the best studios and fans together we'll make history.



The Shut It Down Campaign is the highlight of the Save Mississippi Project.  Motorcycle riders will register and leave the Landers Center in Southaven, MS on September 12th 2015  at 8 AM, to Clarksdale, Ms.  Talented Mississippi bands will perform for our rollers.   The Foundation and our bands will then perform a series of live flash performances in small towns along the way promoting Motorcycle Awareness and safety.

Have you ever wanted to take part in a flash mob, but didn't want to learn the moves?  Here's your chance.  Towns are bidding to become host cities Olympic style!  Pick your poison, pick your music.  From folk to blues to rock and rhythm and blues bands will fill up the highway with music.  Taste local cuisine, shop local vendors and meet people from around the state.

u see that motorcycle? 

 Join the crusade.  Why?  Almost 80% of people surveyed don't think highway safety is important while over a quarter of today's accidents involve texting or otherwise impaired driving.  On average less than 20% of motorcycle accidents are the fault of the motorcycle rider.  That means we have to help the 80% of other people that are causing the incidents.  Non-bike riders simply have a hard time see motorcycles.  Our goal is to help everyone to see rollers better.


Shine the chrome because summer is coming to an end and, we are going for a roll.

Singing original music as a full time touring band is very expensive and the pay is often very little.  This makes most bands give up and stick to cover music because it pays the bills.  This is good for now, but it makes the future of Mississippi music look bleak.  We aim to follow in the tradition of Mississippi musical greats such as Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke as well contemporary artists like Haley Williams of Paramore.  

We truly believe we will be showcasing the hottest groups in Mississippi for the world to see!  HERE IS A SAMPLE OF THE MUSIC SUPPORTING THIS CAUSE:


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