2016 Mississippi Music Awards Sponsors

Billboard circulation projections:

WREG Digital LED Billboard Network:

The WREG Digital LED Billboard Network consists of 11 billboard faces: 8x billboards in Memphis and 3x in Oxford, Mississippi.


1 advertiser will rotate in and display every :08 seconds.
That’s 1x ad every :08 seconds, totaling 108x :08 second ads per advertiser every day. Over 11x billboard faces, that’s 1,188x :08 second ads per day/per advertiser

Traffic Count (for the total 11 Billboard network):

Daily Effective Circulation - 403,086 exposures 1 Month Period 12,260,533 exposures Annually 147,126,390 exposures.

LED Billboard Placement


2016 mississippi music awards votes cast: 

01.27.2016 -  6:30pm

22,800+ Votes



01.27.2016 -  6:30PM

8,172 Page Views in December, 7,311 Page Views in January


Msmf radio (spreaker) plays: 

01.27.2016 -  6:30PM

9,809 Plays on MSMF Radio


MSMF Facebook: 

01.27.2016 -  6:30PM

1,135 Facebook Page Likes