The youth are dedicated in their pursuit of music education and work hard to enhance their knowledge

while gaining a lifetime of pleasure and appreciation.


Live performance

valuable hands-on experience

All members of the MS Youth Chamber Orchestra will be given regular opportunities to play in front of audiences of all sizes. 

incentive  program

acknowledgement for hard-work

The program is designed to encourage and reward the members of these musical groups who participate in live performances  for a minimum of two years.  Each member who meets the requirements will be given money to be held in escrow and disbursed when they leave the orchestra  or ensemble.   The funds can be used at their discretion for future education or where needed.


professional instruction

            Learn From the              PRO'S

Members will be provided Master Classes with special guest instructors, conductors and section leaders in addition to group and one-on-one Instruction from Director Peter Whitham, having over 50 years of classical music experience. 



Mississippi Youth Chamber Orchestra Performance - December 14th, 2014 This Video is a sample of the MS Youth Chamber Orchestra opening for the Germantown Symphony. 


Youth Chamber Orchestra Members

  • Wendy Gardener - Violin
  • Madeline Steele - Violin
  • Laney Hill - Violin
  • Abby Ray - Violin
  • Amaris DuToit - Violin
  • Milana DuToit - Violin
  • Eden DuToit - Cello
  • Nathan Staten - French Horn
  • Elizabeth Green - Violin
  • Mia Staten - Cello
  • Frank Brown - Cello
  • Winn Brown - Violin
  • Ellie Eccles - Piano


*Donations are encouraged - what better way to support the future adults of our communities.