Select from the below list the most deserving recipient, in your opinion, for the
2016 Best Mississippi Artist.
Aaron Coker Band
Alan Jones
Ben Callicott
Big Daddy And The First Street Players
Bonfire Orchestra
Cedric Burnside Project
Cross Ties Ltd.
Flirting With Sincerity
Gary Burnside
Gena Steele
Greg Dillard
Halfway Anywhere
J. Nathan
JF Oakes (Jim Oakes)
Joe Kendall
Josh Knighton
Kristen Brassel
Mark Massey
Mississippi Stomp
My Brother's Sister
P. Lo Jetson
The Devil Music Co
The Kevin Waide Project
The Rochelle Harper Band
The StoneCoats
Tommy Ray
Tony Mac
Truck Patch Revival
Young Valley
Wilson Harris
Poll Maker